Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reading the review copy

FeedARead and I batted emails backwards and forwards until at last I received my ‘author’ copy for review.  OMG it is such a pretty book – it brought tears to my eyes.  I jumped up and down a little and then remembered my recent diagnosis and told myself to calm down and breathe deeply.

Now I can see the manuscript as a book – which I can hold in my hand.  It’s a nice size – the line spacing could be closer but I like it as it is.  The older black and white photographs shown are the best they can be – they’ve been rattling around for years – in boxes and folders – some of them date back to 1934/35 so you can expect them to be a bit faded.  I tidied them and enhanced them with Photoshop.  The interior looks very nice.  The cover is great - the front cover a photograph that my daughter Sorcha took at least ten years ago - whilst I was busy gardening.  The back cover a photograph of mine - of one of the woodland walks in the wild garden at Orchards.  Wonderful memories.