Friday, June 1, 2012

Trying to be Positive

The Haphazard Gardener is back with FeedARead proofed and waiting to be printed.  I have made some changes and hopefully found all the mistakes; but I seem to find typos in a lot of things I read.  With so many hours spent by different people checking and yet still missing the most obvious mistakes I am convinced that you read words as you want to read them.

FeedARead contacted me today to say I could order my author copy to check before launching!  This time it worked – I could go to my account and order one – although the postage seemed a bit steep BUT I couldn’t have it posted to my address. They don’t deliver to Italy.  I am so confused with all of this.  One reason for choosing them was that they were International – they have known from the outset where I was based – I asked a few questions before I took this route! 

I’ve sent an email with HELP written in large text and have received a reply today – if I send them my address they will send one out to me – so I am another step nearer to having the book out in the big wide world!

I have been working on my new website to be published when the book is launched.  I was given the domain name by my daughter and son-in-law ‘because we are so proud of you’.  I won’t tell you what I felt for a couple of days whilst trying to set the website up – but now it is well on its way and looking good.

I need to add gadgets, create a QR and add lots more text.  I’ve used the phrase ‘learning curve’ often but for me it is a very steep hill I am climbing.