Monday, August 5, 2013

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This was one of the original borders that had been in place since my childhood. The backing to the border was a line of different shrubs, most of which were still in place when I gave up the garden in 2005. It was north facing, the ever maturing shrubs made some its depth very shady, but this gave many new planing opportunities to me.

The darker 'blob' on the right hand side in the distance is one of two yews that Phil planted in the early 1990s. It was to be 10 years until the two met and joined to form an archway.

This border ran the length of the back lawn, from nearby the garage to the greenhouse in the distance. This greenhouse was the one that Arthur built in the 1930s. The aluminium and glass had been replaced but the brick base and concrete interior was exactly the was my favourite greenhouse.

Again on the right hand side the Yew border is not even dug and the tiny yew trees are lost in the greenness, only the white of the paving slabs used to hold back the soil where the sandstone was taken give me any idea of what beauty was to come.

You can read the story of our transformation in The Haphazard Gardener.

Oh happy days....

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rosa 'Sympathie'

A stunning pillar rose for those with slightly less space; although if you bend those stems horizontally you will be blessed with many upright stems from their branches. This is not a rampant rose, it is one which is fairly well behaved.

Rosa 'Sympathie' in shade
Glossy dark green foliage compliments the cluster of buds that ensure flowering over several weeks. A delicious fragrance emanates from the deep red flowers. Fully double and cupped in shape this is one rose that will tolerate shade as well as sun. 

Rosa 'Sympathie' grown in full sun
Growing around the trunk of a tall palm in our Italian garden, where the only light was sunlight reflect off the driveway it flowered more prolifically that where it was planted in full sun: in this position we found that heavy rain could spoil the petals.