Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Change of Direction

July has been a tense and busy month. The Haphazard Gardener was available from  from the 1st week in July. I have learnt an amazing amount about indie promotion from different websites and authors’ happy to share their own experiences. Several have been particularly generous with their help; they will know who they are, so a special thanks to you.

From this month I will post more regularly on this blog – sharing photographs both of my beautiful garden and from a time when it was not so beautiful.  I hope you enjoy and become as fascinated with the journey as you may be with the book should you wish to buy it.  Please if you visit – leave me a message and follow me.  It is so nice to see new followers.

For the month of August I am being featured by Anita Andrews as her author of the week.  Thank you Anita. 

Today I received my first review on  - 5 stars too – this gives me such a warm feeling.

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