Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Brief Overview

I didn’t fulfil my wish last month to post more regularly; will try to do better this month.  But I’ve scanned lots more pictures.  I believe that the book is selling well and within the first week of selling on Kindle I had sold 3 copies with no returns; I am assured this is an excellent result for a memoir which is being self-promoted.

Thanks to Anita Andrews for featuring me as Author of the Month through August, and to Patsy Collins for interviewing me on her blog as well as giving me some good advice about word verification.  Maybe this will encourage more people to leave comments. I must admit that I too have several attempts at word verification and often give up and abandon my comment on other people’s blog.

Joanne Phillips has been an absolute star again this month – thank you for all your help and advice.

If you have bought the Haphazard Gardener please leave me a review or tick like at

I am blogging again tomorrow and that’s a promise.

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