Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Rosa 'Paul Transon'

Rosa 'Paul Transon'
I wrote about Rosa 'Paul Transon' in my post on the 14th February this year. Now I am reminded once more of the beauty of this rose, as it's light apple fragrance fills the air.

   I believe the colour can be variable...even on my climber there are differences in the fullness and hues of the flowers. The fragrance is described by many as of 'apple' or of 'tea'. It must be fairly strong as I can pick up the scent. 

   It enjoys the full sun of Italy as much as it did the dappled shade of a cherry in my Sussex garden.  The soil here is thin and stony which seems to contain the more rampant growth of a rambler.

   The RHS site lists many 'pests' that could be attracted... with me it is one of the few that doesn't succumb to blackspot, and despite the dryness of the soil does not suffer with mildew.

   I do not know the bug which enjoys the pollen, it is widespread in this part of Italy and becomes almost 'drunk' with pollen.  I believe that they chew the buds before they open. 

   It is a Barbier cross between R. Wichuraiana and L'Ideal. It gives a scatter re-bloom if not pruned too severely.

   Rosa 'Paul Transon' is a rose to consider if you have the space. 


  1. That's pretty. I do enjoy the scent of roses but don't have room for more ... although maybe I could squeeze in a smallish climber. The word 'rampant' suggests this one isn't for me!

  2. Try a pillar rose Patsy...Rosa 'Sympathie' (if you like a good red) is deliciously fragrant, with strong upright stems, which could still be trained around a tree or horizontally to keep it more in check.