Monday, May 5, 2014

Paulownia tomentosa

A visit to the hospital was made even sweeter with the sight from the bus of two large trees of Paulownia tomentosa used as a street tree which edged one of the hospital carparks.

Paulownia tomentosa has several common names, Empress tree, Foxglove tree and Princess tree. If I had the space it is a tree I would grow.

After a gruelling hour inside the hospital, a brief walk to smell the uplifting fragrance of this beautiful tree was the best medication for me.

I have never seen the flowers closely before. My father grew a specimen tree which struggled to grow well in his garden and the sparse flowers were always well out of reach. Here by the side of the road some of the branches dipped down to make photographing them easy. The light wasn't perfect but the memory lingers still.

Paulownia tomentosa flowers

Not one but two Paulownia tomentosa

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