Monday, July 2, 2012

The Sunshine Award

I am posting especially to thank Joanne Phillips - author of 'Can't live Without' for awarding me The Sunshine Award way back in May.  Joanne's blog is full of interesting information about all things writerly including self-publishing - since we 'met' she has been very encouraging and supportive. 

with thanks to Joanne Phillips
All you have to do it write five things about yourself.  Include the logo in your post. Link to your nominees and link the person who nominated you.  Simple - can't think why it's taken me so long!  Here are five sintillating things about me.

1.The book that gave me the inspiration to tackle my book The Haphazard Gardener was Mirabel Osler's 'A Gentle Plea for Chaos' and Clare Leighton's 'Four Hedges'. 

2. My favourite author is Alan Bennett - for his dry sense of humour and matter of fact storytelling.

3. My biggest heartache was leaving my beautiful garden is Sussex in 2005.

4. My happiest decade + was from 1989 when I met my lovely husband Philip to 2005 when we sold up.

5. My favourite things are flowers, trees, mountains, clouds and waterfalls.

My five nominees are:-

1. Jerry Fresia - an insprirational artist & author who lives on Lake Como. Sign up for his newsletter for a magical journey.
2. The owner of the next blog appears to be anoynmous but it is a wonderful blog of poetry, photographs and flash fiction.
3. Joanna Cannon - - Joanna writes truely wonderful words full of understanding and perception.
4. Tracy Fells - - Tracy is from Sussex a county I miss very much - she has intersting posts and lovely photographs.
5.  Julie - - Lots of information and gorgeous photographs.


  1. Hi Penelope,
    Thank you for your kind words, and for posting that great list of new blogs for me to try out. If only time were elastic!
    x Jo

  2. You're welcome - you may find the Jerry Fresia one will temp you so much to learn (if you don't already) to paint as he does. I went to one induction class and was mesmerised by his talent - I daren't take his art up, else I'd not write a word!

  3. Thanks Penelope for the nomination. I'm chuffed to be given such a cheerful award and lovely recommendation :)

    1. You are welcome - I'll be back soon to look at your blog.