Sunday, November 4, 2012

Financial Times article by Robin Lane Fox

Thank you Robin Lane Fox for such a great article in the FT 3rd November; about Arthur Hellyer, me and my book The Haphazard Gardener http//

The link to read the article is -


  1. Penelope I read the article with interest, what a fascinating man and life. How wonderful to grow up in such a lovely house and garden. Did your father know you were writing about him or had you started the book after he had passed away? There were links to the Plymouth Brethren on my husband's father's side - they gave everything away to the sect decades ago and struggled to survive from that point on. Thanks so much for the link to the article which I have enjoyed so much. Good luck with your book too...and your new novel. Jane xx

  2. Thank you Jane. It was a stunning environment - and I brought my children up there too. No, my father knew nothing about the book but I've been assured by many of his former colleagues that he would have been enormously proud of me. So many of them have been very helpful with research as were many of my mother's ex pupils. He was pleased about the work that Philip and I were already undertaking before he died. Maybe you would enjoy the book too.