Sunday, November 4, 2012

Promotion, Promotion.

I didn’t manage to post at all in the interim. Promoting two books takes much longer than I had realised but I’ve had one piece of excellent promotion via ‘The Society’ Magazine (October issue) published by The Argus newspaper for The Haphazard Gardener. Link here - 
It is a great two page spread with lots of pictures and a well written article.  Thank you to Katy Rice.

I have gathered more followers on twitter and a couple more on facebook; all good for self-promotion and an excellent piece of news that came in last week - Robin Lane Fox has written an article in the FT about The Haphazard Gardener and Arthur which was published on the 3rd November. It is a great article - This news I would normally have shared at the beginning of December.

I get hundreds of page views but very few people follow but I note it happens on other blogs too. Or there are lots of followers but only the same few ever comment. I have often wondered why that is? But if you do call by and read maybe you could click 'like' either on my amazon product page or my author page for my debut novel or
This month extra posts will be impossible. I am into the 4th day of NaNoWriMo which I’ve registered for again this year.  Last year I managed the 50K words in 23 days.  This year I’ve attempted outlining more thoroughly and working out how and where the story might go. However on Day One – my writing hand was already making its own decisions.


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