Tuesday, January 28, 2014

R.I.P Arthur George Lee Hellyer

My favourite picture of Arthur and me, walking and discussing the garden.

It is difficult, and slightly scary, to believe that it is 21 years since I lost my daddy - almost to the moment when he gave his last breath.

He had a long and illustrious life. Soft and gentle by nature. Hardworking and dedicated to his writing until a few weeks before his death; he is still held in high esteem by many horticulturalists and writers including Robin Lane Fox, with whom he worked for many years. In 2012 Robin Lane Fox wrote a wonderful article about The Haphazard Gardener, for me this was a seal of approval.

Without Arthur and his wife Gay the story of The Haphazard Gardener would not have been possible because without their vision and hard work there would not have been a garden to cherish.

It is with great affection that I remember Arthur, and know that he will still be happy and at rest at Orchards.

The house that Arthur & Gay built. Complete 1938.
I'm guessing that the lady in black is one of their mother's.

The photograph was taken by Navana Vandyke and is now with the National Portrait Gallery.