Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Light

I was listening to a conversation on the  radio travelling along the M20, between two ladies, one who loved January, the other claiming she found it dull and difficult and for her the year should begin in June.

I wanted to shout – open your eyes – look around you at the beauty of winter. I was frustrated at not being able to stop to photograph the dramatic scenes as we whizzed towards a grey, threatening sky; a steely-grey with a promise, no, a certainty of rain.

Behind us a watery sun shone, lightening the trunks of the wayside silver birch trees, making their purple twiggy stems an even stronger contrast. Old Man’s Beard shuddered in the wind. A small copse of ochre-yellow willow glowed – a stronger comparison against the backdrop of lush pale green pastures. Red cornus stems (at least I think that was what they were), and small crab apples hung like Christmas baubles. Some of the scrubby hazels sported tight buds, whilst others had mature catkins dancing in the breeze.

Open your heart to nature – look at your surroundings. There is a wealth of winter beauty to be seen.

And to quote @Littleashgarden from Twitter – ‘There is so much beauty to be seen in the details of winter…'


  1. Penelope, sadly too few open their eyes and sometimes those who do look but do not see. Winter has lots to show us and I am always looking. Thanks for your lovely photos and pieces here. I always enjoy reading them. Happy 2014 too and I hope we get to chat again soon. Jane

  2. Thank you Jane. Your comments are always much appreciated. My only frustration was not being able to photograph the scenes.

  3. Hi Penny,
    I like your comments too! And miss our gardening discussions!
    You know I love English gardens and nature. While in Kingston for Christmas Holiday I saw many geraniums and fuchsias stil in bloom!