Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Delightful Gift

Remembering me from thousands of miles away, my lovely daughter Sorcha, arranged a gift with a nursery who I follow both on twitter and facebook. A welcome email from Pollie Maasz included a couple of enticing photographs of her wonderful stock plants, along with a message to purchase plants for my Mothers Day gift. Wise daughter to send this such a present ...

Hemerocallis en masse at Pollie's Nursery
With very little notice, Pollie and her husband were gracious enough to allow us to drop in. It was lovely to meet a virtual friend. Who in the spirit of a true gardener was willing to share both time and knowledge. It was the late Rosemary Verey who told me that from every garden visited, you will come away with an idea, and or a piece of knowledge - maybe not to be used immediately but to always keep it: in your head, your heart or better still for most of us in a notebook.

Whilst discussing daylilies, three of which I inherited from my father's Sussex garden I commented on the fact that the 'orangey' one, (I guessed to be Hemerocallis fulva) which was always the earliest to flower, succumbed to Hemerocallis Gall Midge every year. Pollie was able to explain to me the life cycle of this little pest, go to the RHS website to read. If you are introducing daylilies into the garden for the first time it is always best to avoid the early flower varieties.

The garden is full of promise and I am really glad that I've agreed to return to collect my plant/s later in the year, thus (hopefully) affording me the opportunity to save on postage and buy more. AND see Pollie's plants in all their glory.

Pollie's Nursery bed
The selection on Pollie's website, is almost too enticing to make a choice. My original (draft) list doubles my gift, well there is no problem in treating myself is there? The first plant Jelly Dancer took up the cost of my already generous gift. I could easily double the order. I have held back with only 40' of garden, still not designed, common sense must prevail...

A further ponder on the choices made and I've changed my list again. There are so many things to consider but I will very soon send in my order, even if I have to wait another year to collect the plants


  1. What a perfectly wonderful gift from your daughter Penelope, and I think you must definitely treat yourself to some more of Pollie's delights when you go back.

    1. Agreed Jane, maybe seeing them in the 'flesh' will aid the decision - on reflection maybe not - knowing me I'll buy way too many (for which I no longer have the room).