Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Secret No More

The Broadwalk - Walmer Castle Gardens

Walmer Castle Gardens. For me this garden is a gem, with a mix of planting that will please us both. 

Philip more of the ordered, clipped, neat tidy persuasion and me the wild, natural look: there is plenty of both styles of planting in this garden. Having said that he loved the clipped ruggedness of the yew hedges that formed a backdrop to The Broadwalk. 

There is a wooden seat at the end of The Broadwalk, where you can sit and view not just the length of the twin herbaceous borders, but a distant vista across a croquet lawn and out into the wildness.

I can see a string of elephants in the undulating yew hedge. This hedge, neglected during the war, then damaged by the harsh winter of 1947, was cut into this interesting shape. I am assuming that prior to this it was a neat line. 

Old photographs of the mirror herbaceous borders in their full flowering glory, are a treat that will have to wait. I was informed by a member of staff that one of the borders has been left fallow, in order to tackle a bindweed problem. However this garden has a wealth of trees and plants to enjoy.

There will be further posts about this delightful garden.


  1. I can't believe we missed the elephants when we visited! That means I have to go back, right?

  2. It certainly does. In my opinion it is a garden that could be visited several times a year, with something new to show each time. I was annoyed that I had missed the snowdrops...