Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cormorants or Shags

A bracing walk along the River Rother, its muddy banks smoothed and sculptured by the incoming and outgoing tide, was a perfect way to walk off an excellent lunch. We had walked along the road towards Appledore, (not the wisest thing to do with the absence of a proper pathway, or a wide enough verge where the brambles reach towards the roadside), but once at Star Lock we crossed and walked back towards Rye on the raised pathway. It was here we spied the Cormorants (at least that is what I named my photograph), two of them balanced on the same pole, wings widely outstretched drying them in the sunshine. Now I research the birds I am not certain that they were Cormorants. My photograph was taken against the sun and with an iPhone (zoomed), so the pixels have broken up a little. I couldn't see the white on the head, nor on the body. So could it have been a Shag? I don't know...what I do know is that the sight of the birds gave me a great deal of delight.

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