Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The beauty of The Cobb

A week in Dorset gave us plenty of time to catch up with friends and spend time walking on the beautiful beaches. The day we re-visited Lyme Regis, the weather wasn't quite so kind, raining heavily and then full of sun. We sat beneath a leaking canopy outside a restaurant (no entry because of our dog), but I was glad for it, otherwise I would have missed the dramatic picture of the curves of Lyme beach and The Cobb...


  1. Making a positive out of a negative Penelope...I like it! Looks a beautiful spot.

    1. It's stunning Jane...if you get the opportunity go...and you must walk The Cobb at least once, though not on a windy day as it can be a little nerve-racking!

  2. It does make a dramatic and beautiful picture.