Monday, March 18, 2013

Moderation is a Necessity

I've been out of circulation for several days but thanks to all of you who have visited my is getting a lot of viewers but not that many comments are left. It is good to know what you think of the posts.

It was necessary to put a moderator on the blog to stop the 'spam' coming through. So for those of you who may have tried to leave a comment and thought you hadn't - you had - but you have to wait. The comment is sent to me and I decide whether it can go on my blog or not.

IMHO I see no reason for people to remain anonymous therefore it is unlikely that I will publish your comment if you are. However, most of the anonymous comments that are left are from companies trying to tout their own business. I am not against that either as long as it is relevant and the comment left is transparent and trust me they are not.

So please, I would love you to leave more comments but be a little patient with the system unfortunately moderation is a necessity.


  1. Spammers are a pain, aren't they?

  2. It is and I get two or three daily, I never click on the links but look later for them in the browser - they are often legitimate companies. Do you know if there is a way of stopping this?

  3. Amazes me that people think leaving adverts for their products on your blog comments might actually sell them! I get them too, but I can't be bothered to find out how to make it 'comments approved', so I'm just very rude to them instead, in the hope that they look back and see my reply, just once!

    I think most blogs have a ratio of about 5% or less comments to views - it's normal. Oh, and I love the donkeys!

    1. Thanks Terry, I like your style...and the knowledge...hope to see you again.