Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Colony of Cryptomeria japonica Elegans Group

My favourite conifer was Cryptomeria japonica Elegans Group; a reddish dark green colour for most of the year, the tone deepens in intensity to rich mahogany hues throughout autumn and winter. I had thought this was due to the cold, but milder winters showed that this was not what initiated the change; maybe it was the shortening days. Whatever the reason, the contrast between the Cryptomeria and the huge unnamed pampas in late autumn and winter was breathtaking. The added joy of this tree was the number of years it had given me pleasure.

The old black and white photograph below shows Arthur mowing near this tree as a small specimen. Several decades later, as mature branches swept the grass and layered naturally it made itself into a little colony of delicate foliage of varying heights and shades of green and red: depending on how much light each section received.

©Penelope Hellyer

Cryptomeria japonica Elegans Group

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