Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Native Hedge

During our time at Orchards we planted many hedges, but by far our most favourite hedge was the one we planted to surround the bungalow where Arthur lived. Whilst he was alive there were no boundaries but once Arthur had died and my brother decided to put the bungalow on the market a boundary was essential. We put a post and net fence in first and then planted boundary on two sides: the third side being Rosa rugosa and the fourth native woodland.

We loved this hedge for several reasons - one all of the plants that went to make the native hedge were sourced in our woodland. Oak, yew, beech, hawthorn, buckthorn and birch. Dog roses were also planted. Randomly planted and growing extremely fast in our well prepared soil. Numerous birds nested very soon after planting.


  1. A native hedge full of dog roses and nesting birds sounds lovely.

  2. It was lovely. Once when a magpie had torn a nest from the hedge, we found white hairs from our Parsons Jack Russel used as part of the nesting material. It seemed that the more hedges we planted the more birds we had in the garden.