Monday, February 18, 2013

The 'Bluebird' hen house.

This little caravan had a full and productive life. As a child I slept in it on the many touring holidays we went on. A welcome relief from the camping. Later it was used by Arthur and Gay to tour the British Isle when they were researching Arthur's excellent book 'The Shell Guide to Gardens' first published in 1977. It was also used as a changing room, when it was left nearby the swimming pool, where it was abandoned.

Many years later Philip and a friend moved it down the garden, with great difficulty as it had flat tyres and no one we knew had a car with a tow bar, to its final resting place. Philip stripped it out and redesigned it as the hen house.


  1. You've certainly had some use out of it!

  2. Certainly did. I think the hens probably had the nicest time.